Couple Of New Feature Wishes

Tempo Track that looks like the Arranger Channel:
Large, draggable Blocks, which you name whatever BPM you want the length of the block to be, with the usual Ramp or Step, and a solid snap to them.

Sample Import Idea
Choose a routing destination from the import pop up window when you drag a sample in.

Sample Import Idea
Ability to create a new track when dragging in a sample anywhere you put the cursor.

and the Classic…
Tripplet Grid in Audio Editor.

Drag it to empty space and a new track gets created already

if the dragging will always create a new track the placement in already existing track would no longer be possible

the track created gets the same parameters as the last created track if you drag the sample to empty space, if you drag the sample to an already existing track, the track stays like it was and that’s good

Yeah really, I’d find it really handy to have it back - It used to be in version 8 or 9?
You’d drag a sample in and get long green horizontal line if your mouse was between two tracks anywhere in your session

See Below:
Drag and Drop

If you dragged in on to an existing channel then you obviously don’t get a new track, same with my Routing Feature, if you drag it on an existing track you don’t get to change the routing.

Then you could drop the sample exactly on the grid where you want it and get a new track IF you want one.
Now you only get and new track you hover on the left, but the sample drops where the playback cursor is, which in my case is usually never right on the beat where I want the sample.