Couple of new user stupid GUI questions

New Cubase Pro 9 user here. Running on Windows 10 Pro and I have a couple UI color questions …

    1. The parent window title bar (the one with the menu items at the very top of screen) seems to have black text regardless of the accent color selected in Windows. Normally, windows apps shift to white text when the active window accent color is darker. Since I’m using a darker color, the menu item text is not very readable. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    1. I have gone through all the color preferences but I cannot find anything to change the bluish gray toolbar buttons or the color of the text in the status bar below that. Is this possible?

File->Preferences->Appearances (Colour)

then tryout different colours

I’ve reported the accent color problem as an Issue, but it’s yet to be approved or rejected.

EDIT: Here it is (Fixed) Title bar text color not consistent with OS [Windows 10] - Cubase - Steinberg Forums