Couple of odd behaviours...

So, I’ve been working with some samples in Kontakt in Dorico, and have had some odd behaviors…

I’ve loaded up the XSample Contemporary Solo strings, and began to create an expression map. I imported a string quartet via music XML from Sibelius, and did all of the assigning of things to their proper channels, making sure the endpoint setup was properly set, etc.

The piece plays fine… at first. But, then after a couple times, the whole shooting match simply freezes, and in Task Manager it shows the VST process EXE as “not responding”

Force quit Dorico and the VST EXE, but no joy. The only way to get back to working is to restart the computer.

I’ve tried it both with the 4 instruments loaded into one instance of Kontakt, and also with an instance for each instrument.

I finally ended up exporting the file to MIDI and seeing if the expression map was working by playing from there… it was.
but… the MIDI file was hosed - it had a measure of music followed by a blank measure, followed by a measure of music… and so on for most of the piece

So, I tried creating a score from scratch… same issue of freezing, but the MIDI file did export correctly… and I was able to verify that the expression map was working :smiley:

Any ideas?

Is it possible that you’ve somehow got a MIDI feedback loop set up? Go to the MIDI Input Devices dialog in Preferences and make sure that only the MIDI input device you’re actually using for note input is activated there.