Couple of playback issues

  1. Trills don’t engage the trill key-switch (or at least I don’t see the Halion player switching to that technique. I assume that the trill symbol above a note engages this, correct? If so, then the expression maps must wrong. Is there a way to observe which key switches that are being asserted? When it works as expected I can watch the Halion player switch, but when it doesn’t work, I don’t see how to determine the reason it isn’t working.

edit: ok so I exported the midi file and there is no key switch for trills (at least those using the trill symbol). So how does one accomplish a trill?

  1. MIDI chase doesn’t work. Is it supposed to? If I play a staccato note which switches the player to the staccato technique, then stop playback and select a legato note, it plays back as staccato.

edit: The staccato key switches come on for the duration of a passage and then turn off. So it appears as though if you stop playback in the middle of a bunch of staccato notes, then you don’t get the key switch turned off when you select and begin playback on a legato note. Legato is implemented as the absence of any key-switch so it is performing as staccato since it never got turned off.

I know it’s early in the playback capabilities, but it would be nice to know what you think does and doesn’t work. I don’t mind discovering these things but if you already know about them, there is no need to report them.

Trills don’t yet play back (and nor do things like legato etc.), and nor are playing technique changes chased yet. I will ask Paul – who really knows all the chapter and verse about what is and is not precisely working just yet – to try to provide a summary after the weekend.