Couple Of Questions

Hello, I’m new to Cubase. Trying out AI7 (purchased UR22 a while back). Plan to upgrade to Elements, and possibly Artist. Need a couple of answers first:

One: I have installed Garritan Aria Player. Have it up and running. However, I can only play it when I’m on the Aria instrument track. There it plays fine either with built-in keyboard, or my midi board. But when I try to play it from a midi track, I get nothing. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set the output of the midi track to the Aria Player (or for that matter, the Halion). It’s output choices are only the UR22 or onboard audio. How do I get sound from the midi track to the Aria player?

Two: I’ve been working in Sonar for years. How do I import my projects, which are full orchestra, into Cubase AI7? I really need to see how the notation or score view looks, to help me decide if it’s worth switching to Cubase.

Thanks Very Much,


I figured out the first one, no need to reply.

Still need help with the second!


OK, I’m all set.