Couple of Quick Questions from a Newbie

Hey Guys,
Just got my 30 day trial of WaveLab 9.5 up and running and I’m getting’ the hang of it.
I’ve been using Cubase as my DAW for about 10 years.

Cubase has a Transport option in the Prefs for “Return to Start position on Stop”, and I can’t seem to find that option in WaveLab, and WaveLab wants to continue on the timeline after stopping, and not returning to the original Start position. Anyone know where that Option would be hiding ?

Secondly, when I have an Audio file loaded, with the Master Rig on, with a preset that I like active, when I go to “export” the file, there’s a small button at the very bottom all the way to the right which says, “Bypass Master Section” begins to blink red, and it appears to shut off the Master Rig
because up above at the Master Section header the green button turns red ?
Anyone have a good idea what’s up with this ?

Many Thanks
John S.

Just hit the zero key (0) to return to the last stopped cursor position…

The “red” coloring in the master section indicates it’s bypassed. Wavelab automatically bypasses the master section after export (because it assumes you may want to listen to what you’ve exported and wouldn’t want to hear the processing AGAIN after it’s already been applied (or you’d be hearing the same processing “twice”). Just click the red button to turn it green again and begin processing through the master section again if you like. You can disable this functionality by unchecking “bypass master section on resulting audio file” from within the render dialog window.

The setting to make the cursor return to the original start position is found by right clicking on the stop button in the transport. I think most people try to look for it in the play button.

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated, issues solved.

John S.