Couple of quick questions guys

Loving my switch from Sonar to Cubase. Couple of quick ones for you guys:

  1. Other than freezing, is there a way to archive or hide tracks. I do not want to delete them, but I have a lot of takes that I may need to come back to just taking up space in my arrange window. I know that you can use folders. Anything else…any other ways to get them out of the way without deleting?

  2. What is the best method for crossfading takes on a comp? I know how to use the pull down line and fade one out, then fade the other in. What is the best method to do a crossfade between them?

Thx in advance.

Welcome to the Cubase ‘boat’!

  1. Once I’ve comped my takes I use folders for all takes and place them at the bottom. You can disable visibility in the channel selector. To get them completely out of the way (I prefer that often myself) I safe the project as a new version and simply delete them. They remain in the pool and their audio folders. If I want to have that stuff back I open a previous version with the tracks present, select them and export them as ‘track archive’ (in the file menu) + re-import them into the current project. They appear in place. (Just be sure not to ‘tidy up’ your pool by deleting unused files while working on.)

  2. When event do overlap, just press ‘x’. To edit the fade doubleclick it.