Couple of Technical Questions Regarding CP8 - help!

I’m hoping some of the more advanced Cubase users (there’s lot’s around here!) can help me with a few more advanced technical questions I’m trying to get straight in my mind.

  1. I’m fairly sure Cubase compensates for the delay introduced by my RME Multiface converters (as reported by the RME drivers) BUT I don’t use my RME converters instead I have a Crane Song HEDD192 attached to my Multiface via the coax digital inputs.

In this case how can RME and therefore Cubase know the amount of delay the HEDD 192 converters is creating - or is it so small I should just forget about it?

  1. Cubase Pro 8 now has the setting on MIDI tracks “ASIO Latency Compensation” - should I have this switched on by default? - I thought Cubase already compensated for delays?

  2. Is it best to turn Audio Pre-Record off. By default it’s set to 1 second. When I import an audio file it has a bit of extra audio (1 second) at the front because of this - do most people just turn if off to keep exactly lined up on beat 1 when using an editor etc.

Thanks for any help you can offer with these above three questions.


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  1. There may be a very small difference only, if you pipe stuff out to hardware and back in then you could run an audio loopback test and use adjust for record latency to get it spot on. For anything other than parallel processing I don’t think you need worry about it.

  2. This is trying to compensate not for latency per se, but for you subconsciously compensating for it when you play.
    If you play a vsti on the beat and the recording falls slightly ahead then putting it on might help.
    Do not use when you are playing a hardware instrument that you are monitoring with no latency.

  3. No…it has no bearing on imported audio or negative impact on editing and it’s better to have the beginning of an early note than a recording starting half way through the note.

Thanks Grim,

That info has really helped.