Couple of things and a question

First, it seems that Bass and Baritone are missing from the singer instrument selector. Also there is no cancel or x out from the instrument selection panel - must click on music to get out.
Question - I have music for a unison choir which I have put on one treble clef stave. I would like for the playback to have everything in octaves as it would be with a real choir. Is there a way to do this?

This problem with instruments disappearing from the picker has been reported as soon as 5.0.10 was out, they have over corrected a problem with instruments being duplicated with the new editor…
Next update should bring a fix to this :wink:
Call a SATB ensemble to bring those instruments to your project, then drag and drop those you need to your players

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If you have Dorico Pro, you could select the music and execute Edit>Paste Special>Paste Into Voice>New Down-stem Voice. Then move the pasted notes down an octave and in Engrave mode, use the properties panel to hide the noteheads, stems and ledger lines.

Thanks Mark and John. I was thinking of adding a stave for tenor 8ba and trying to hide that, but I like John’s solution better.


I think your first idea is actually the simpler solution in the long run.


Load up another patch, assign it to the same channel and have set it to transpose down an octave.

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esc doesn’t do it.

How would I hide the tenor stave and retain the playback?

I’ve noticed this too (it is an annoyance). But you just need to change mode to escape (pun intended). No need to select anything.

One can have a layout that includes all staves and a separate layout (or layouts) used for display. Export the audio from the complete layout; print the layout without the added staff.