Couple of weird issues since updating to 10.3

Firstly what’s up with the GUI change. Everything is so contrasty and nasty looking now, maybe it’s just on my screen. Anyone else notice this?

Second, when I updated to 10.3 I had this strange audio device issue. I’m currently away from my studio, so i’m using my Macbook pro on the road. After updating Nuendo, I opened projects and got this awful stuttering and clicking, also noticing that the audio just doesn’t sound right, like it’s out of tune slightly. I thought, must be a buffer issue and i’m going crazy thinking my pitch is wrong, so I went to the built-in output control panel and changed the buffer a bit and the audio was not stuttering anymore, but weirdly the whole session was indeed playing a semitone lower in pitch before. I shouldn’t have needed to change the buffer from 512 to 768 because I was opening practice sessions with just one or two audio tracks and a few basic effects. Really strange.

The third issue I have is a graphical one. My Waves plug-ins have black VST interfaces. But the most bizarre thing is that when I load a Waves plug-in the first time I open it the GUI is showing normally. When I close the window and then click to open the plug-in window again it shows completely black. I have to close the project and reload it in order to get the GUI back.

This is all rather frustrating, and I’ll be sticking with 10.2 for a bit.


This happens if your Audio Device Sample Rate doesn’t match your project Sample Rate.

Please make sure you have the latest plug-in version installed.