Couple question about Cubase 7 elements, HDDs...

Hello guys,

I found some compare table about all cubase 7 on official steinberg site ( ( elemets, artist… ) and im confused a little bit

Please see in attachments, to understand below questions:

  1. Does a red squared field mean that i can use up to 16 midi tracks in one project?
  2. Does a blue squared field mean that i can use 44 plugins in ENTIRE project? For example if i use 20 tracks, does that mean that basicly i can use only 2 plugins per track?

I have couple more questions about HDD, until now i used only one HDD and make about 4 partitions, now i bought new one so i have 2 seagate HDDs ( 1TB+1TB ) and i think about to:

  1. Make 2 paritions on first HDD ( C and D, C for instalation and D as record/playback partition ) and use second one for vst libraries?
  2. No make any partitions… Leave both HDDs without partitions and use first for instalation and vst libraries and second one for recording and playback?

Can you help me with this? Also if you have any suggestion whats the best option for using 2 HDDs im open to hear it :slight_smile: