Coupled dynamics

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And another question, we often have dynamics which are “coupled” or “related” in a way between instruments if you have the exact same superposed dynamics, like in this example:

, is there a way to “cut” this relation and treat each dynamic of each instrument separately?

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Yes, select any dynamic in the group and choose Edit > Dynamics > Unlink Dynamics.

The manual says, that you have to select a dynamic in each group you want to unlink?

The manual says to select just one dynamic in the linked group. But I have to say, this is not always consistent for me. Sometimes, no matter what I do - unlink, ungroup, remove from group, I’ve tried them all - all the dynamics move up and down together in Engrave mode, when I’m trying to nudge just one.

This happens pretty often - especially if I copy a passage from, say, clarinets to bassoons, and I want to adjust the vertical position of some dynamics. Is this expected or known behavior? Am I missing something?

It is currently the case that the dx/dy values for dynamics are applied to all linked dynamics, which isn’t ideal: this is certainly something we plan to change.

Thanks! But is this the case even if I unlink the dynamics? That happens to me sometimes, I haven’t found a pattern yet.

For a workaround, if I can’t get a dynamic to unlink, I will delete it on that one staff (the other staves are unaffected), and re-enter it.

If the dynamic is unlinked, then it will be movable independently on each staff. If you encounter a case where you find that not to be the case, cut it down so that only the affected instruments and bars are included in the project, and attach it here.

I finally figured it out! You must be in Write mode to unlink dynamics. This is why it worked for me sometimes and not others - I hadn’t gone to Write mode.

Since you need to use Engrave mode to nudge dynamics, which is the main reason (at least for me) to unlink them, could the team please consider letting us unlink dynamics in Engrave mode? Or at least have these menu options greyed-out? Currently in Engrave mode, the menus and everything look like they are doing the job, but nothing happens. Of course, making the dx/dy values independent would also work as you suggested above. FWIW, sometimes it is good to be able to adjust a whole bunch of linked dynamics together.

I’ve searched and haven’t found anything else like this request, but I’d just like to say that allowing dynamics to be unlinked in Engrave mode would be very useful. I tend to use quite a lot of linked dynamics, but once you maybe reformat your score into a different layout style or size, you often need to tweak the positioning of the individual linked dynamics. It’s a bit of a pain to have to keep going back to write mode to unlink and then back to engrave to move. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why this should not be the case. If I’m not missing something, this is a feature request!

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I notice this is still not the case, which gave me a lot of trouble cleaning up a very densely packed score. If this is not on the roadmap, I guess I’ll have to leave myself a note to follow (I think) @dan_kreider 's method of selecting all dynamics and unlinking them before final formatting. Skipping to Write to unlink and then back to Engrave to reposition (not to mention switching from a condensed to an uncondensed tab) really brought @Grainger2001 's point home to me again.

Actually, that’s only my step to fix someone else’s file. :sunglasses: For myself, I just avoid linking from the start.

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