Cover Replication/Modernization


I was wondering if it would be possible to replicate this score cover or even better, modernize it in Dorico? I’m not sure which fonts this uses, and I’m also not sure how to import the designs.

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Ian Hook

Andante_et_Allegro_Cover.pdf (20.8 KB)

It’ll take a lot of work, that’s for sure. The big print looks hand-lettered to me (slight differences between the same glyphs) so there’s no “font” to speak of, there. And the typefaces for the smaller print probably don’t exist in a digital version either. The best you can do is scour the various font websites for approximations. There are also fonts with all kinds of decorative graphics, but you will obviously not find those exact ones there either.
And finally, even if you’ve found acceptable substitutes for all the different styles here, it would probably still be significantly easier to work in a dedicated DTP application than in Dorico itself.

Or simply scanning it and use the graphic?

Yeah, it would make sense that these aren’t technically “fonts”; However, I’m sure I could find substitutes. I am trying to showcase my engraving skills in Dorico with this project, so I don’t plan to work in a DTP application. Although, that would be significantly easier.

Could you elaborate what you mean by scanning it?

Use a scanning device to capture the picture. (Apparently, ‘scan’ is a vaguer term in English than the loanword is in Dutch, sorry)
Edit: the original may have been an engraving to begin with, i.e. not typeset from (lead) letter fonts.

Well, the issue is, I’d like to change the cover a bit in Dorico. I’m arranging this piece so I need to add a few things to the cover but I still want to keep the overall look.

Maybe try Indentifont to find something similar? Probably not going to find it exactly, but I’ve had luck using it before. You can even use a limited set of characters.

I’ve found Fonts In Use helpful before too. Here are some examples in use in the 1900s, 1910s, and 1920s from their site. Perhaps you can find something there that is similar.

Hey, Thanks, these are quite useful sources! Do you know of any software that can scan an image for a specific font or does such a software simply not exist?

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That’s pretty neat! I wasn’t aware of that site, thanks!

Nothing on that plate above “Rouart” is type. It is all hand engraved lettering. There are many ways of replicating it on computers, but searching for matching typefaces will be completely fruitless.

You’re right. But, I searched using a screenshot of the title and found some pretty close substitutes, “in the spirit” of the original.