Cover: "To Build A Home"

There are a ton of covers of this song on soundcloud. In fact I created a playlist with my favorite ones. I really like the song. I wanted to do a cover. But whereas most versions I’ve heard have featured piano and vocal, I wanted to do something that sounded different and featured the sounds I’m excited about right now.

Besides recording a song I really like, this was a chance to play and sing through cool stuff like my Telefunken TF51 mic, Presonus ADL 700 mic pre/compressor, my PRS and MJ guitars, my Hamer Monaco bass, the Tech 21 SH1 bass preamp/EQ, the Stomp Under Foot Red Menace muff distortion, my Hiwatt DR103 amp, the Keeley Parallax and Dyno My Roto pedals, the Catalinbread FX40 soft focus pedal, the Strymon Timeline and Deco, Digitech Luxe and Nautilus pedals, and Superior Drummer 3 with the Indiependent SDX.

Mixed in Cubase 12 Pro.

RWzBlues · To Build A Home (cover)

To Build A Home