Covers using cubase

Here we did Rocket Queen by GnR. I used Da Tube on my vocals, one of Cubase’s native gems if you ask me! BFD2 for e-drums playback and Line 6 Pod Farm for bass…

Breakfast in America - My very first attempt at midi sequencing. Made in 1999 with Cubase VST 5.1 16-bit, a Yamaha CS-1X Keyboard, Alesis SR16 drum machine. The quality isn’t so good, I just found an mp3 of it on an old drive.

Well done. Good recordings and mixing + high quality vocals.

Thanks hko!

Rocket Queen sounds great. Love the guitar player and the singing, but actually everything. You have done a great mix. Are you saying that the drums were all re-sampled with BFD2? I was trying to watch the players, but then there was a dancer that I couldn’t stop looking at.

Haha yes, we realised that nobody would take any notice of any of us after she accepted our invitation. Jai is also a really great singer too!

Andy uses a Roland TD E-Drum kit. In BFD, you can load the keymap for that module (or whichever module your drummer uses), then use whichever samples you like for playback.