Coverting .all with Cubase SX3

I spent some hours converting old .all files to .cpr with SX3. I was silly enough to covert 21 files until I realised that this does not work for Cubase Essential 5.1.1, I only get the message

“Procejt xxx.cpr” is Cubase SX Version 3.1.0. Version 5.1.1. of Cubase Essential cannot load it".

I really think there should be a warning about this in the instructions! Any available work around? Or any explanation why one should have to throw away good work just because one has upgraded to higher versions of Cubase? Or am I really forced to by the full version of Cubase (5 or 6) in order to open .cpr of the 3.1.0 type?

Cubase > SX3 > / > SL3 > / > SE3 > can be run with your current > Cubase 4 and 5 > / > Cubase Studio 4 and 5 > / > Cubase Essential 4 and 5 >

If you’d have read closely, it does give the correct instructions.

So, according to you I should have avoided updating the CE 5 i bought to CE 5.1.1 in order to get the files to open? Sounds silly, to me.

No, you should have used SE3 to convert the .all files. :bulb:


and thank you, that really works (although I loose the stereo, for some reason).