Coverting Midi Files to Audio In Nuendo 5

Hi There -

This may be a newbie question, but I am rather new to doing midi and VSTi work so here goes. I have just completed several sessions using midi to trigger my VSTis. The question is what is the best way to convert these to audio for my final mixes? My sessions are most always 48/24 and I use the 32bit Float option in Nuendo.

Also, should I disable all reverbs etc used in the VSTi before making the files audio?

Most of these are 1 and 2 minute clips pf music for cues to film and games.

I appreciate any help.


why don’t u just render them in batch mode in the Export Audio dialog box and auto import them back in to the project?

and if u wanna keep the effects or not I guess would be a matter of taste and needs for the mixing at a later stage, I always prefer to have my options open so I don’t render unless I have to.