CP300 connection and output

New to Cubase but am getting there. I am using a Yamaha CP300 and can record using the VST instruments without issue. I have connected my other MIDI lead and if I insert a MIDI track, I can record whatever the CP300 puts out but can only hear from the CP 300 and not via the interface (UR22) and PC. In the inspector I have selected ‘/All MIDI Inputs’ and Yamaha CP300 (Steinberg UR22)
I’m guessing it’s a set issue but am struggling.
Many thanks…

Are you saying you want to record and playback using the VSTi sounds?

If yes, you need to record on an Instrument track (not midi). Choose all midi inputs and make sure that you insert a VSTi and choose a sound for the output. Your keyboard would be connected as shown in the keyboard op manual page 92 and the local control setting would be set to "off (reference keyboard op manual page 65).

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Sorry for my delayed response. I’d like to use the sounds the CP300 produces but hear it via the computer. At the moment, I can only hear it from the CP300 although it is recorded in cubase. When I mixdown, these sounds are not there either.
Many THanks