CP8's disgusting performance..? fixed with updates

I wonder if you have got a DPC issue. Try installing LatencyMon to check.


Quite often network drivers etc can cause delays as they wait for responses - this can impact your ability to run a DAW smoothly.

Hi guy’s…did what you both say a while ago…and checked and re checked…if the network drivers are causing probs…why only for cubase?.. as I’ve said I have 2 other DAW’s working fine…

people really seem reluctant to admit it might actually be Cubase’s problem…

best and thanks for the input…Kevin

Badly written drivers can cause havoc on your machine and affect programs differently depending on how their interrupts routines have been written.

What does Latency Mon tell you - all ok?

p.s bad video drivers can often also cause issues

So just ran Latencymon again and it says, (ran it for 30 mins)

‘your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts’

that’s what it said the previous 4 times I’ve ran it, from this I’m assuming my system is OK but I’m the first to admit I’m not a puter tecky…just a muso who uses a puter to make music…

running now as I write and the hard pagefault has just gone way into the red…(134 pagefault count) first time I’ve seen this, is that bad ? never ran it for longer than 30 mins before…got no idea what that is,
it stills says my system is ok for real time audio though…

definitely need help with this…

as far as I’m aware all my processors are running but in stats it says…logical processors 7…processor groups 1… what does that mean?
in the CPu’s area 7 seem to be running but the first one has the highest numbers…

best, Kevin

Because the majority of the people using this DAW aren’t having the same issues as you, that’s why people are trying to help you fix this problem. I know it’s very frustrating, but there has to be something that can be done to fix your performance issues.

Hard page faults should be ok. If all the others indicators are green then it sounds like your drivers are cool. :smiley:

Some other suggestions

  • I’d try doing a registry clean - with https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/registry-cleaner
  • defrag your disks
  • maybe try swapping your interface into a different port if possible as this may re-instantiate the driver properly
  • are there are programs running in the background which could be using up resources? Be worth checking your startup programs as some of these may be using up your system resources.


the other thing worth trying is removing and re-adding in any VST fx and synths. Sometimes the issues come from these and is fixed when you re-insert them. I’ve had a similar experience with a project started in 7.5 - seemed to cure it.

Hi Kevin - you said you have the luxury of testing the same project in other DAWS, so one way to move forward if you otherwise want to keep using Cubase might be to just turn off the meter and wait until you have an actual performance issue there.

Then try the project in your other sequencer (Presonus, Reason, Protools, etc.), and compare how the project plays there.

It’s certainly possible that Cubase will have the best performance despite the red meter, and if not you won’t be in the dark as much about your choices.

Hi Guy’s…believe it or not I have done all of the above more than ‘‘quite a few times’’
I use Glary utilities and Ccleaner and Advanced system care, there is nothing in the start up menu that doesn’t need to be there and background progs are at the absolute minimum, I’ve followed and double checked Steinberg’s recommendations on setting my puter up…it’s just so damn annoying watching this meter max out all the time…

it is telling me cubase can’t handle the project…is it not? or is it just so badly set up (Cubase , that is ) that it just doesn’t know what the heck it’s doing…

Can anyone answer the question that I keep asking…if I turn ASIO guard off should I be getting humongous distortion ?

I thank you all for your help and wish you all well,

I will be using Cubase of course but this has made me look at other DAW’s and I’m quite enamored with Mixbus 3…it’s really nice to use, it doesn’t have a lot of the stuff C8 has but I don’t need all the bloat really…

yeah…I know, I should not have updated from 6.5, tried going back there but it’s hard to go back…would miss the plugin manager for one…If I’d stayed at 6.5 ignorance would have been bliss…

cheers, Kevin

Such a strange problem - your PC should be able to run a project of that size in it’s sleep :smiley: and it sounds as though you’ve checked out all the things I would have checked. :sunglasses:
All I see when I turn off ASIO guard is an increase in CPU utilisation - nothing else. How are the disk meters - are they maxing out or anything or is all the load on the CPU? ASIO guard doesn’t like latency set too high in mt experience. What happens if you drop this right down to 64 or 128 (I know this sounds counter intuitive!!) :mrgreen:

The only other things I can suggest would be

  • What plugins are you using out of interest? Are you using any 32 bit plugs? These can cause havoc with bit bridge and can make Cubase unstable. I’ve had to move lock stock and barrel to 64bit
  • I presume you have disabled each instrument and plugin one by one to see if they are causing the issue
  • I notice you’ve got 2 SDD in your machine and a load of memory - have you checked to make sure this is installed correctly. Sometime you can see weird issues when memory slots are not mirrored and populated in the right order, same for the drives.


That is actually your call, not Cubase’s. Is your project crashing, stuttering, or otherwise behaving in a way that tells you Cubase can’t handle the project?

“Nothing is perfect” and if your project behaves well and the worst thing you have is a red meter crying wolf, that’s pretty good!

My background on this is small projects that not infrequently show brief performance meter surges to the max, without actual performance being affected. So I’ve learned to just ignore that meter as long as everything else is working well.

Hi I take your point and will be doing this in future (ignoring it, that is)…just seems weird…what the heck is it there for then?
I’ll hide and just wait until I see smoke… :laughing: :laughing:
my projects run OK so far…

best to you and thanks again…Kevin

A good thing to try is trashing your preferences (I usually back the folder up first so I can copy back key commands, templates etc.).

Hi…I haven’t got any preferences…non, got sick of losing them every time I update, yeah, you got it…I’m not to clever with puters :blush: :blush: :blush: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a look at my post here:
Worth a try

The point there is that if you don’t trash your preferences of older versions after install of newer version of Cubase, it may try to use old settings that corrupt the new version.

It happened to me. I had to delete all preferences from C6 and C7 before C8 ran right.

May not be your particular issue but it is possible and worth trying. :slight_smile:

Hi Jimmy, I thought I had to make some pref’s before I actually had any…is this not so?
when I re installed my C8 I did it after a clean re install of Windows 7…would this not get rid of any pref’s…

if not, how do I delete pref’s please?

thanks for your input… :slight_smile:


I followed the Steinberg instructions to delete pref’s but I don’t seem to have a preferences folder…

:question: :question: :question:

I’ve got a preferences XML document though…do I delete this?

Delete this folder… or for safety if you feel like it cut and paste it somewhere else…

C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64

Cubase will create a new one next time you run it but you will need to rebuild your own personal prefs.

Just did this and made no discernible difference, thanks for the input though…I still think it’s just cubase not working properly…I could not possibly do any more than I’ve already done…more than once…

so was that the preferences folder?

cheers, Kevin