CPR corruption - EastWest Spaces2?

Hi I am trying to isolate an issue I have with EastWest Spaces 2. I am running windows 10 and cubase 10.5. The issue I have is I setup a template with mutiple FX tracks. On each FX track I setup a different reverb so I can select whichever I want for the instrument to route through. Works great as I open the template, do some work and save as another CPR file. The problem is that sometimes the new CPR file stops routing audio through the Spaces2 plugins on the FX channels. Everything else works. I cannot load new reverbs and audio will not route through Spaces.

So if I go back to the template file and load up the project… audio still works. So I am getting the feeling that as I work through my projects and save different versions, something is getting corrupted in the CPR file as I work with different projects. It is really annoying to have to rebuild this somewhat regularly. Any suggestions from the Cubase side of things? I am engaged with EastWest on this as well, no luck so far.