CPR file is huge

Up until recently ALL my project CPR file was around 5MBs. Whenever I saved while working it took less than a second.

Recently every time I saved my project it started taking up to 15 seconds. (I was using roughly the same number of tracks over all and all my standard effects and vst instruments. I always use the same plugins in all my projects). So I checked my CPR file…and it was 500mb! Half a gig.

What could possibly be causing this?
Any fix for this?

The file just jumped to 1 gig.
I closed down the project…restarted Cubase…opened the project and just clicked save right away. It took 20 seconds and the file is now 1 gig.
It’s just growing for no reason.
BTW…I don’t even have any VST instruments active. Just audio files and my usual VST effects plugins.
Also…this is the 2nd project I’ve had this problem. The last project I just deleted and started all over again from scratch. But ended up with the same problem.

If your using ARA spectral layers , you need to update as this was one of the causes , there may be another i don’t know about but file sizes were a problem with ARA


Some ARA plug-ins (like SpectraLayers) or even some other plug-ins (like NI Kontakt or Arturia in the past) sometimes store some large data to the project file instead to own side. Make sure, all your components and plug-ins are up to date, please.

If it’s still the case after the update, send a list of plug-ins, you are using in your projects, please.