CPR file shows abnormal swelling.

Hi folks,

I’ve got an odd problem with one of my files: the .cpr file seems to be growing out of control. It’s already at nearly 400meg, about 10x what it should be for a file of that length/complexity. Here’s a pic showing it’s growth through different iterations:

Here’s another project that’s a comparable length/complexity - it’s around 30meg:

Is there a way to “open” the cpr file itself and see what’s going on in there, to see where the “swelling” is? :slight_smile:



What data is in the project? Audio tracks, Instrument tracks (what VSTis), MIDI data…?

Hi Martin,

Is there a “Session Info” option that’s best to get that info from? Just at a glance there are 79 total channels, of which 56 are enabled and all of which are audio, buses or FX returns.

There are a handful of vsts - all Serum and Kontakt - amongst the disabled tracks. The track is 3min 43sec and there’s hardly any automation, maybe 2 or 3 lanes.

That description would fit almost all my projects - 60-100 total channels, mostly audio - but for some reason this file is 10x the others.

Automatic hitpoint detection (preferences) and Vari Audio data can increase the size of the project file.


NI Kontakt (and a big library) can also increase the project size.

I haven’t touched hitpoint detection in ages so I doubt it s that but it’s possible that variaudio has something to do with it. I doubt it but I’ll look into it nonetheless.

Martin - you mean using Kontakt as an instance in the project itself, right? Not that having a big library on the sample hd would somehow cause a larger project.

I bounced down all my Variaudio files and switched off hitpoint detection and removed the only active Kontakt instance I had and still 386meg.


Yes, I mean have an NI Kontakt as an instance in the project.

Could you try to backup project from File menu? Is the backuped project also so big?

Good suggestion but yup, the backup is also 386meg.

It could be a corruption of some kind, I suspect it is. I’ve had some oddly misbehaving projects, these things happen. Disabled Tracks can take up a surprisingly large amount of project space, but from what you’ve said I don’t think this is an issue in your case.


One more try…

Could you try to create a new project, and import all tracks and data from the old project to this new project?

I’ve thought about that but do I recall correctly that you can’t import fx and busses? That would make it a really big pain to get things sounding the same in the new project.

Unfortunately yes, you can’t input FX and Group Channel.