.cpr files disappear or become corrupt after every few days.

Sorry for long story.

I have been using cubase 5 for years but this is the first time I’m having any unexpected behaviour, but so strange that I haven’t been able to find any info about it so far.

I bought a new computer and connected my old external usb 3 hard drive having all cubase projects and worked on an old song and saved 6 new project files within 3 days. 4th day I opened cubase and went to file -> open to open last saved project, but project files saved in last 3 days were gone. I found everywhere the whole computer even installed data recovery best softwares “Data Rescue PC3” and when it didn’t find then also tried “Recuva”, but files simply disappeared like never before.

Interesting part is that in the same project folder, all the old project files were still there, only newly saved 6 files were gone. I started from years old project file again and after 3 days I opened the project and it said its invalid or corrupt, don’t remember the exact words of error. Because of the last experience I had copied the newly created project files to another folder called backup and even saved in my Gdrive. So now I went to my backup folder and all the project files were gone it was empty folder ? I have never experienced such an abnormal behaviour ever. Then I copied file from Gdrive and pasted in project folder then opened it and it couldnt find wav files, I located and selected the correct file but it said file is invalid or not supported? I saved all the settings of every track this time in case this project wont open again. I restarted the system and project opened luckily with audio files detected and this time file form the cloud saved me. But now I am very sure that files will disappear again in a day or two again, but no idea why?

Please help if you have any idea.

Thank you.

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. It started a few days ago, prior to that never had an issue, I’m using Pro 9.5 on Win 10 64bit and three times this week my cpr files have just vanished. I even did a copy of the project one day by doing “save as” with a different name so I would have to identical versions and both vanished. Luckily all the back ups are still there and I have been able to load one up without losing too much work but it is worrying. I am now making a copy of the cpr file and saving it to another drive for added safety but it is a pain. I hope someone is able to answer this question for you ( and therefore me too! )