CPR Should Save Zoom, Cursor Position

It’s been bugging me for some time… I couldn’t figure out why every time I open a new CPR the cursor isn’t where I left it, the zoom is wrong, etc. I always have to ‘reset it’.

Finally, it hit me… D’Oh! Cubase is retaining that stuff from the last opened CPR. It -has- to be that.

So it isn’t -as- wrong if the next CPR one opens up is sorta the same length.

Every CPR should retain it’s zoom, last cursor position, grid, etc. I’m sure Cubase -used- to do this, right? It couldn’t have been like this for the past 16 years or I woulda noticed. (Well, maybe. :smiley: )

Yes it’s crazy in Cubase 8. I started a thread about it:

My last post (Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:47 pm) shows a workaround involving deleting the Workspace.xml file in Cubase 8/Preferences.
I’m using a Mac macro program to regularly delete it. Perhaps you have a Windows macro program that will do the same.