CPro12 - Activation Mgr requiring reboot of computer? (w10)

I waited many months to install Cubase 12 Pro (w10) seeing all the activation issues popping up. I finally installed and it worked for a couple days then C12 wouldn’t open (acitvation mgr asks to REBOOT puter) - yes that works, BUT I am hoping this doesn’t happen a lot. A real schedule killer to have to do this all the time. Have you noticed it being an ongoing issue with W10? (if so I am happily back to C11 and elicenser) :wink: Is this new lic scheme ready for prime time?

I’ve had no problems at on Win10 all since the beginning with the license management…
It might be if Cubase crashes hard for whataver reason that the Steinberg License Management engine keeps running, and the Cubase doesn’t start. In that case, you have to reboot the computer or simply kill the Steinberg License Engine via Task Manager.

Ok sounds good. If I kill the Steinberg license engine via task manager (after a Cubase crash), how would I ‘restart’ the lic manager that without rebooting the puter?

Cubase starts it automatically.

Cool. Thanks a ton!