CPro13.0.20 - crashes while editing during playback - where is 13.0.10?


updated to 13.0.20 but getting more and more serious crashes by the minute.

Happens more frequently when I do my edits during playback vs when stopped - but this is the way I edited for years now.

also the graphics bugs seemed to be better with .20 but I’d swear they’re worse now. Could be W11 23H2 as well off course.

So…since I need this to work I’d like to go back to 13.0.10 but can’t seem to find that one - could anyone help me out here?

(Windows11, latest version, Cubase13 latest version, AMD7950x, integrated graphics card with 2 screens, RME interface)


Cubase 13.0.20 64bit2023.12.18 (2.8 MB)

Why do people not save their installers?

Edit: Dropbox link removed since it is no longer needed.

:pray::pray: thank you so much. Just uninstalled .20 on my laptop and installed this one. Seems the crashing while editing phase-coherent audio in folder tracks while playing back the project is gone. I’m off to the studio in a minute and will test there as well.

(for CP12 there was no need to save installers, they’re on their download page - seems they haven’t done that yet for v13)

Thanks again,



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