CPRs should save grid, quantize status

When you switch CPRs, Cubase retains the quantize, grid and other bits from the previous CPR, which is bad.

It should remember those settings for each CPR.

Does it?

Well that is bad.

I suppose we need a lot of multi CPR project fixes. I feel like it’s just something we aren’t really supposed to do yet. I’d like to, but it’s just too clunky and inefficient.

This is the single most annoying thing about Cubase, and I have no idea why Steinberg continues to ignore it. My projects are quantized to a huge range of swing settings, and it’s utterly crazy that the quantize grid is set globally, rather than saved with the project. It means that, literally every time I open a different project, I have to open a MIDI part that I know has been quantized, check to see where notes lie in relation to the 1/16th grid, and then adjust swing settings accordingly.

There is, as far as I can tell, absolutely no rationale for this being a global setting - it makes as much sense has, say, having the tempo as a global setting (which, obviously, it isn’t)!

No mention of this being addressed in 8.5 so … I dunno.