CPU 100% with midi editor and kontakt

Suddenly, a strange problem appeared
It is when I load some Kontakt VSTi " as a rack instrument "
which are not many, maybe two or three
I would like to enter the MIDI Editor and change some Notes
The CPU goes up to a hundred percent, the Cubase make squealing sounds, many strange things happen. and its totally FREEZE
Yesterday everything was fine, but today I couldn’t work at all, I didn’t change anything in the device and I don’t know why

Cubase 12.0.52 PRO
win 11 pro
intel i9 10940x
ram 128GB
Buffer 1024

Cubase 64bit 2022.12.30 (1.2 MB)

up please can any one help me i cant edit any note the cpu meter peaks and cubase freeze
and my cpu go 100%

i found the solution
i was make in kontakt setting
script genrated notes check
i dont know if this bug or normal from kontakt or cubase

now everything is ok

Thank u