CPU and Mobo advice please

I have edited this post to pose the questions better

I am a long time Cubase user, currently on 9 going to move to 10. I am currently going to build a new PC.

I have lots of orchestral stuff and many powerful VSTs. Some of my orchestral templates are very heavy duty.

When I last built, my philosophy was get almost the best mobo and CPU but now the market seems to have exploded and I have seen Gaming units for £20,000. (shock horror!) .

I think a reasonable budget for a cpu and Mobo is about £750-1000 (?) I would not want to exclude a significant improvement in Cubase performance for a few quid though, especially in regard to heavy orchestral templates though - opinions?

Here are my questions please:

1: There seem to be lots of sockets, what is an I9? Is it needed in comparison to an i7? Does Cubase gain anything?

2: Given that i run a lot of Vsts which processor should I use? How many cores?

3: Is there such a thing as too many cores?

What socket

Suggestions please


For VST instruments and low latency + large polyphony then Intel at that price point.