CPU and Motherboard Recommendations 2019 (Cubase 10 Pro)

Hi Guys,
I would like to start a topic on CPU/Motherboard/RAM recommendations.
For VSti/FX/low latency workloads…
what have your experiences been with the system you are on, and if you upgraded what CPU/MB/RAM combination made the biggest difference.

Would a i9 9940x get in within your budget?

To be quite frank, if I were you, I would add more ram to your system. Don’t know how much you have, but your current processor can handle 64 gigs. Dig in and see how much your MOBO supports and max out.
Then in your windows so it fits your DAW.
Why do you concern so much about latency instead of sound quality? After hearing your music, you mainly do instrumental music. I would spend the money on a soundcard with great converters like the Prism Sound Titan. I did that myself recently, and I have enjoyed it ever since. The Titan supports direct monitoring, which means you can set the buffer to be extremly huge and you have no audible latency. Best part of it, Prism have announced Dante for the Titan/Lyra/Atlas series. That will give you a roundtrip around 2 ms.

go for 6950x

Thanks for the advice Vital Few, I’ll keep that audio interface in mind, but for now my Focusrite 2i2 (2nd gen) is working really well for me with very low latency …
I built a new system based on i7 9700K (8 core cpu no HT) and I am using some of my old projects to test it, I can’t get it to max out even at 96/24 with ultra low latency.

10 Core/20 Thread
LGA 2011-v3
4 Channels DDR4 2400; one DIMM per Channel
140W Tdp; Up to 40 Lanes PCIe 3.0 (2x16+1x8).

That is some CPU, cost ($1,543.60) almost as much, as my new build, minus the video card…