CPU and RAM -meter

Great news that Dorico for Ipad has got an update so soon with unlimited instruments. But now the issue is to avoid a CPU and memory overload. Can Dorico get a CPU- and Ram - meter like Cubasis? It would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think this would be as helpful as you imagine it might be. If a project is going to exceed the RAM capabilities of your iPad, it will normally do so as it is being opened; if it opens to the full score layout (or you can switch to the full score layout after it has opened) then it should be OK.

I don’t quite understand. What will happen, when the CPU or Ram is overloaded? Will it crash or just get slower? I have experienced an overload even by loading one AU-instrument into a small score with one voice. I could “hear” the overload because of the distorted sound during the playback, when I resized the Dorico window. I don’t know if this is a CPU or Ram issue. To take care of this problem a CPU - and Ram - meter would be helpful.


I suspect that this information is not as straightforward as on a conventional computer, and there’s not much you can do about it either. CPU and memory on iPads have very complex management already. There are per-app memory limits, for example, and memory compression, caching, etc. It’s not just ‘filling a jug with water’.

Then you have the distribution of processes across performance vs efficiency cores.

When Dorico crashes because of an overload without any warning, you can be constantly in fear, when you have a big score. A crash can mean that a lot of work is lost.

Which is precisely why I think it will be a while before people are putting serious work into large symphonic works on an iPad. Apple will need to be a bit more generous with Ram going forward.