CPU Architecture Question

Hey all,

I know hyperthreading isn’t really something that will benefit me I am looking at the new unlocked Skylake (OC’d) vs the Extreme Edition of the Haswell E Intel Core i7-5960X. I am hearing the OC is not as good as everyone first said would be possible with skylake but I was wondering if the HEVP playback and lower price point should send me down the path of the newest chips. Obviously having double the physical cores would be great but I was just wondering if anyone has seen real world results between those choices. 4 GHz OC’d with 8 cores or 4.5 GHz with 4 cores and a new coffee maker. :wink:



Cubase likes cores - each track gets a thread - the more the merrier IMHO. Faster individual cores are good to stop spiking for individual tracks that have too much processing on then - however you can get round that by introducing a send and splitting the VSTs across the original track and the send(s), each will create a new thread.