CPU/ASIO/VSTI Performance (Cubase 7.06+7.5 vs Studio1+))


Ever since version 7 was released it felt like the performance had become worse and with 7.5 it really started to upset me, so now I have done some testing over the weekend.

The test is simple:
One project, identical settings and ofcourse identical song.
The conversion was done manually, every setting copied by hand.
Inserts, fx chains, buses and ASIO settings are identical aswell.

Project settings:

  • 1 Battery 4 with 5 outputs active

  • 1 NI Massive

  • 1 Tone2 Gladiator

  • 1 FXpansion Amber

  • 1 Albino 3

  • Fabfilter EQ on every track

  • 3+4 NI Solid Compressor

  • 3 SIR2

  • 1+2 JB Smash Pro

  • 1 Cableguys Filtershaper

  • 2 Sidechains with Fabfilter comp

  • ASIO buffer set @ 2048 to allow for maximum processing time for both apps.

  • Computer specs: Win7, 12gb RAM, 3.8ghz quad core, MAUDIO

Both screenshots were taken during playback with only one app loaded to ensure maximum performance.

C7: Permanent 80% load, constantly spiking into red.
S1: Stable load at 30%, no spiking whatsoever.Could barely get it to max even after 10 L360’s.

Whether this test can be called conclusive or not, I recommend everyone to do a similar test.
Ableton/Logic users would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can we have the EXACT spec of your computer so we can all buy one to do the test with ? It’s awful isn’t it? Doesn’t work for anyone does it?

Every time I get an upgrade I get this. Always on top of a deadline too. And with clients looking over my shoulder laughing at me for buying Cubase. I can never hold my head up in Hollywood again…

omg this is the problem im having

Can you check if it’s a specific plugin that causes the high load in Cubase?

:laughing: a fricking laugh riot!

Asio meter is different from DSP meter.
if u open task manager when cubase running you probably gonna see less cpu meter level then the Asio meter level in cubase…
but maybe S1 is running more efficiently on your system or in general… i really dont know !

Hello I have to agree. I have never seen so many bugs that never get resolved by a company. What really irks me is the way they just cover up stuff. I really think the programers are terrible at Steinberg and the QA. What lead me to say this bugs carry over to new versions and then when they fix things they break others. I used to do Betas for Cakewalk and I can tell you the programers there were top notch they always address the bugs and tried to rectify them. They never covered them up like Steinberg is doing. Yes I know all software has bugs but Cubase is supposed to be a leader in the DAW I can say they are far from a leader. They are falling way behind. what good are new features if the old ones do not work.

I am so discussed right now I want a full refund for my purchase of Cubase 7 and 7.5 and I think I am moving to Reaper. It is faster, cheaper and the support seems to really care. I have message them and they respond ASAP and I do not even own the product yet.