CPU Choice for new PC build

Hi Nuendo users

So I want to built a new Pc, but I am struggeling with the CPU.
So maximum performance is goal.
Mostly use it for Sound Design, music production, post production and film scoring.

Which CPU has the most power?
Intel i9 11900k
Intel i711700k
or Xenon series
or something totally different?

on all the tasks the complete system is more important than the CPU alone

the cpu is only a small part of the goal of maximum power.
the maximum power, is a good balance between the mainboard, grafikcard, cpu, ssd´s (raid) and ram.
a samsung 980pro 2 TB is a good choice, raidsystem depends how much you need 16TB (4 ssd) is not slow and for most of the work enoug space. If you need more you can double it.
If this is not enough take the Thunderbold, or the 10GB network and the Asustor Raid for external space.
Graphik is very important Geforce 3070 or 3080.
32 Gb Ram, Better 64.
i 9-9940 is a good solution.
Mainboard. ASUS WS X299 Sage/10G Mainboard Sockel 2066 ( 7x pci express)
RME Audio card depends how many tracks you need.
In my mainsystem I have 2 Madiface XT and I use all possible Tracks 256 ins and outs
5ms latency. with one card it was 2ms. only 200Tracks physical use in and out.
built in Hdspe fx is the fastest, but I like to see the Interface.
The big advantage with RME is since I use RME there is NO PROBLEM, only solutions.
maybe it helps

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Is liquid cooling really necessary with these rigs? I’ve never had anything but the stock CPU fan on my CPU’s (currently i7. I don’t overclock, though.) I leave it on 24/7 and have never had issues. I’ve done this with all my computers for the last decade.

I’ve been running the i9-10900k (Gigabyte (Z490) LGA1200 motherboard) since Nov2020. No problems. I haven’t tried overclocking yet.

wow the Intel i711700k compares pretty good.

The M.2 SSD PCI drives are monsters. 3,000MBpsS verses RAID hard drives at 300MBps.
M.2 Samsung 970pro NVMe claims longer life span. M.2 Samsung 970plus NVMe is slightly faster. I haven’t tried the 980 series.

Hi together
I have two boards with an I7 running with air-cooling 24/7 and the main system with the water also
24/7 .
The difference is about 10 degrees in the same room without cooling the air.
My oppinion was, to spend more money on the mainsytem, to get more lifetime of the system.
The main performance with overclocking and not, was no big difference, and 5ms of delay in the
fader movements, was ok for me, so the speed of the system was fine.
The mix of RME totalmix is about 0.5ms and the two Computer, with I7, have 1.7ms delay.
They work with the Sampler and Drumcomputer.
So its possible to get the SD3 Drums running with a V-Drum, with about 2ms of latency,
or NI Komplete with a sampler or a synthesizer
Midi was too slow, so I have to use a keyboard or a drum kit with the USB- Ports.
Back to the start, the CPU is only a small part of the whole system, and it is the balance between
all the stuff you have and you need.
The big difference for me, is the SSD, Raid, and M2, together about 50% of the whole performance.
Also if you use 32 tracks only, and not a big outboard gear and 200 plugins, a raydat sytem with I7
can do the same, with one computer. it really depends how is your workflow.
One of the bad things in the system is the internet. Never change a running system.
I make a copy from my System, when it runs new and save.
Every month I put this sytem back, sometimes earlier. And no internet on the whole system.
If I have to use it, this is a total seperate Computer.
good bye together

yesterday I have got a 980, it is really fast, but I have a backup of my system :slight_smile: on a 970pro.
6000MBpsS is a little dangerous for the whole system, because the tempreature was
rising 8 degrees, with the watercooling system.
So I am not sure, is this necessary.
The lifetime of the system is also a point.
But I trust my lokal computer dealer, maybe in a week I know more.

the i9-9940 has PCIe 3.0 only, so the limit with the SSD is the PCIe bus itself…

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this is true :sob:
I copy big files with more than 3 TB and the speed goes up from 600MB/s to 890MB/s
the smaller ones stays sometimes by 40MB/s
after 2 Days with the 980 I think, its nice to have it, but not necessary. The 970 stays cooler.

From where do you have the knowledge that graphic is important?
I’m not say you are wrong, but I’m running Nuendo on a crappy UHD630 which is the build iGPU on the i9-10900. And this runs just fine…

I’d be curious on what basis you’d say it’s important :slight_smile:

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For PC I’d look in the direction of AMD. They crush intel in the value-performance ratio and they will use less watt which means less warm which means more quiet and you save money on your electrical bill :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cent.


Not sure that’s still true though. My impression is that AMD took the performance crown and CPUs are so hard to find that prices are way above list price. So right now Intel might actually be the better performance/$ options, at least at some price points.

Hi @saxmand,

If I could afford it right now, I’d certainly go and get an AMD Ryzen R7 5800 (no “X” needed) and an AMD X570 mainboard. A colleague made the decision to even get the older R7 3800 and the X570 chipset, his RAM is running at 3200 MHz. He seems very happy with it, rig’s running Vienna etc. like a charm and a super quiet PC. And the components were a bit more affordable than “Big I”.


my main computer has a lot of grafik work to do and first I put in 2 nvidia gtx 1050ti
because they told me its enough power for 5 4K screens,
but it didnt work. sometimes 2, or three day work they guy on the bluescreen told me it was a video failure, now I put in an rtx 3060 from asus and since 14 days it runs, no failure.
And also the spikes are much better, so now I can run the system with 250 tracks in and out with 5 ms latency. Now this was ok, but I know 180Watts costs more than the old cards.
They are workin now in a windows 7 system without a problem.
Happy Ostern

True Mattias. AMD supplies are a bit scarce which mess with the prices. So sa that they crush was probably overstated. And indeed it actually depends on price points.
I was looking at a AMD X3700 and a i9-10900 which was pretty close in price and performance. But if you look at the the i9-10900k and simliar priced AMD, AMD takes the crown :slight_smile:

Ah yes, but I’d say that’s not a Nuendo need, you would need that much gpu power if you wanna run that many 4k screens even without opening up Nuendo.
If @runsun just plan to run a couple of 1080p screens or a 4k screen, I believe almost anything will be sufficient in terms of GPU power.
It would be interesting to hear what Steinberg has to say. But maybe this is better for another thread as OP only asked about CPU choice.

yes, this would be great to hear from Steinberg, and I agree for a new thread.
For me this was now a 35 years of hating and loving the digital choice.
It really can help to see, how different solutions can be, and a guide, which says take this, take that,
for your need will be great.
My Windows 7 with the Sampler, has only one screen, but 2ms of latency, with an I7 6800K, for example.

I work with an asrock x570 taichi motherboard and an asrock aic r2.0 thunderbolt 3 daughterboard.

Apollo 8 quad sound card with thunderbolt 2 card and thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter.
The processor is a Ryzen 9 5900x.
Please note that the best performance with AMD requires 3600 MHz memory. Disk M2 nvme.
1060 6mo graphics card which allows me to have 4 touch screens. I also have another computer with an i9.
but the most efficient remains the ryzen 9 5900x.
I paid 720 euros … a reasonable price. It is desirable to use water cooling. We can work with more than two hundred tracks without any problem … we can also insert 3 disk M2. I had never seen such a powerful machine. Power supply 650 to 700 watt depending on the number of hard disks.

Je travaille avec une carte mère asrock x570 taichi et une carte fille asrock aic r2.0 Thunderbolt 3.
Carte son apollo 8 quad avec carte Thunderbolt 2 et adaptateur Thunderbolt 3 vers 2.
Le processeur est un Ryzen 9 5900x.
Attention les meilleures performances avec AMD demandent une mémoire en 3600 MHz.
Disk M2 nvme.
Carte graphique 1060 6mo qui me permet d’avoir 4 écrans tactiles.
J’ai aussi un autre ordinateur avec un i9. mais le plus performant reste le ryzen 9 5900x. Je l’ai payé 720 euros… un prix raisonnable.
Il est souhaitable d’utiliser un refroidissement à eau.
On peut travailler avec plus de deux cents pistes sans aucun souci… on peut aussi insérer 3 disk M2.
Je n’avais jamais vu de machine aussi puissante. Alimentation 650 à 700 watt suivant le nombre de disk dur.

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I’m super happy with my AMD Ryzen 3950X.