CPU cores not being utilized


Since upgrading to Wavelab 9.5 Pro I’m no longer getting use of 8 cores (4 physical, 4 logical) when I am batch processing files. If I select ALL CORES then only 4 tasks are executed. Wavelab 9 executes 8 tasks when I select ‘All Cores’. Has the programming changed to only use physical cores?

Any ideas?

CPU: i7 3770K
Win 10 Pro
Memory: 32 GB

You run the batch processor faster with 4 physical core than with selecting 4 physical + 4 virtual cores.
You don’t loose anything in practise, on the contrary.

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your reply. I see, yes the physical cores have more power than the logical ones. However if I wanted to use all 8 cores is that still possible in WL 9.5? When I select ‘all cores’ it still only gives me 4 tasks, rather than 8.

Best wishes,

I did not explain myself well: on a machine with 8 cores (4 real + 4 virtual)
you will run faster, globally, when running “only” 4 tasks in parallel, compared to 8.
That is, the batch process will complete faster.
This is why the option to run more tasks than physical cores, has been discarded.

I see! Thanks Philippe. I was wondering if perhaps there was some error (due to a windows update) that was preventing Wavelab ‘seeing’ the 4 virtual cores but I understand now the reasoning for the change in programming.

[edit] By the way I was wondering why are there the written options in batch processing for “Usage of processing cores” (i.e. All cores, Half of the cores but two, etc) and not just the ability to choose the number of tasks? Is it not the same thing? On my 4 core PC I have the option to choose between 1 - 4 tasks but also:

Half of the cores = 2 = 2 tasks
Half of the cores but two = 2-2 = 0 tasks! However I tested this and it does just run 1 task.
Half of the cores but one = 2-1 = 1 task
All cores but 2 = 4-2 = 2 tasks
All cores but 1 = 4-1 = 3 tasks

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cores == tasks
in the batch processor. If you see “core”, understand “parallel task”.