CPU Cores vs CPU Clock Speed - 2 questions

Well, except on K series, the Turbo is on all cores and have no time and temperature limit, it can stay at max clock on all cores for how long as you want, making manual overclock useless.
I personally just decrease the voltage because the default curve is too high on K series, and on Intel in general, so I can save around 30 W under load.

I do not disagree with the RAM speed / timing thing, just that we do not generally run 50 convolution reverbs at the same time, and even if we have a few like 4 or 5 the difference won’t be noticeable.
The RAM latency is only a few nanoseconds, so if you’re working at 48 KHz, one sample is 20 microseconds, and the RAM is 1000x faster. Here I start talking about things I don’t know much about, so if you can share any documentation or article about how RAM latency affects audio production I’ll be happy to read it :wink:

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Unless you use a lot of Native Instrument presets … They can use a reverb per sample sound in their drum patches!
(Also the well-known super-intense Straylight and Pharlight granular instruments.)

It turns out, 1000x isn’t all that much for modern instruments that stack and layer all kinds of multi-tap filters, effects, and shapers. It is possible to push these systems to the limit, especially with very heavy Maschine, Reaktor, and custom Kontakt patches. Faster memory helps a little bit in some of those cases. I’m not saying it’s the biggest thing (MOAR CORES!!!) or the second biggest thing (MOAR RAM!!!) or even the third biggest thing (FASTER SSD!!!) but it’s one thing that matters.

I’m not sure there are any good articles I know about, but I used to do audio algorithm software development so I used to live this pain quite intensely. I’m still keeping an eye on the area, and participating in this forum is one part of that!


Everyone, thank you VERY MUCH for all of your answers and deviations from the answer.
I learned from all of it. it was very interesting… all of it :wink:
Thank you :wink:


Hi Jwatte
I also have 1950x
do you upgrade your pc? if you did, What do you think about the performance compared to the old 1950x processor?


I upgraded to a 5975WX. It is about 40% faster for single-threaded workloads (because of the efficiency improvement,) and has twice as many cores, so that was a very big boost in performance overall.
Unfortunately, it was also a very big number on my credit card bill :slight_smile: But we only live once.

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Haha right
You probably won’t need to upgrade your device for two decades
I think your processor can handle hundreds of tracks easily :rocket: