CPU Drops (1.79Ghz, 0.90Ghz)

Hey everyone! I’m just desperate at this point. A bit of specs before describing the problem:
Laptop: Samsung np355v4c. (amd a10 4600m)
AMD Radeon HD 7670M / AMD Radeon HD 7660G
I have a SSD for 8 months, works great. 12GB of RAM.
I changed thermopaste in the service, cleaned the dust etc.
I tried to uninstall drivers and install them again.
All the ‘fast startup’, ‘regedit - intelppm - 4’ and ‘max-min state of processor 100%’ black magic is done already.
This is what I see when i play a project that worked very well in January. (Pic)

And the same thing is going on with Vegas. It goes from 30fps render to 3fps in the first 5 seconds of rendering (just a picture and audio, no fancy filters)
Seems to me like a voltage problem maybe? I don’t know at this point. Checked the system with 2-3 antiviruses, nothing found.
The only thing I didn’t try is reinstall Windows

Can you check the temperature with any monitoring program ?
Maybe you did not apply the thermal paste properly and the temperature goes too high under load.
On the task manager picture, we see that the clock goes down as soon as it hits the maximum.
I really suspect a thermal issue here.

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My friend tried to apply thermal paste in march (he did it a year ago and it helped), but this march it didn’t. Then i went to a service and i assume they’re professionals, they also tightened the bolt so the thermal tubes are closer to the gpu-cpu, so…

This is what it shows when i play a very heavy project that worked well few months ago.
Somehow the fan just doesn’t want to work more, i know it has one more ‘speed’… Speedfan doesn’t work on this laptop.

The temperatures should not be that high, especially with a small CPU like the one you have.
The screws should never be over tightened, because that can push the thermal paste out of the lid.
I believe your problem comes from here.

If you manage to get the fan go faster, that will maybe help a little, but if the problem is the thermal paste then it won’t solve it.

Yeah, probably, but is there a possibility that it’s a windows/system issue or something with voltage in motherboard? It just started very suddenly, so I doubt that after two tries of replacing (different) thermal paste (by 2 different people) the problem is in thermo-something. Maybe it’s in some thermo sensors?
Also, I understand that it may go from 70% to 35% for example (it did some years ago before replacing thermal paste and the fan), with some spikes in between. But it just works in total straight lines of full 2.xGhz to 1.79 or 0.90Ghz (100 - 78-39%). Which is funny, cause 39*2 = 78. Never seen that before.

Any idea why when idling it shows 5% Cpu usage, but around 2.5-3.0 Ghz?

In your case I think I must agree with ‘Louis_R’. I think you have a problem with your thermal system.
If you look at various tests the conclusions are always that too much paste will never cause a cooling issue but only might cause issues when squashed out with leakage onto electrical components if the paste is electrical conductive (most compounds are, but not all) . But not enough paste will always cause thermal issues! So I suspect this it the issue here. That you just didn’t apply enough thermal paste or not in the right way?