CPU increase with Oxford Drum Gate depending on tempo

Hi all,
I just encountered something really bizarre: CPU load will basically double when tempo is set to anything in between 14.500 and 117.501 when I’m using Oxford Drum Gate on any channels. Setting it to 114.499 or lower, or 117.502 or higher and CPU load drops down again. There are some steps in between as well (like 115.499) where it also drops, probably multiple other values but don’t want to spend my whole afternoon on that.

This must surely be an Sonnox issue so I’m planning to write to them but just wanted to check here on the forum first if anyone else can confirm the same problem.

I’ve tried in both C11 and C12, same thing. Also tried resetting preferences, still the same.

Got a reply right away from Sonnox, they have been able to replicate the issue and are looking into it. Just thought I’d follow up in case anyone else had the same problem.