CPU Intel Question...Which one For C6

I am about to build custom computer for Cubase 6.
I was on a Mac but planning to cut cost and have a powerfull machine for East West Samples, Recording 24 Channels and Mixing With plugins.
I am looking at the CPU’s to start. i7 990 is almost double in price to 2600k. The benchmark only shows 10% difference.
Is it really necessary to have top of the line CPU? Which processor anyway is right below the top and suitable for cubase?

Any experiences?

btw where did all my old login detail go?

I also have PCIx 424 card that I would like to use…Which motherboard has PCIx slot ?

The i7 2600k is what I am going for. It is the current fastest of the second generation core chips.
There will be a second generation extreme coming along soon, with the same socket as the 2600k, so if you feel you need to go faster down the line you can. If you get the top of the line first generation core processor that will be it, no going faster down the line.
I would vote for the i72600k

Thumbs up!

I was researching for days and figured out that this CPU might work really well. I am going to build my system. People on this forum are not generally responsive, but I would like to hear some more opinions if this CPU works well with Gigabyte Z68 Motherboard…Looking forward to build the beast!


Please have also a look for the I5 2500K CPU. Cubase does not support hyperthreading and the speed difference between the I7 (3,4 Ghz) and the I5 (3,3 Ghz) is not that big.



WTH is this? Why everything has to be so complicated? How come is that? Will they support it in the future?
I am getting little agitated, because I have spent a lot of time researching and planning to build a PC system that will perform well.

Now I am thinking twice if I should use Cubase at all:
First, I have a feeling that Steinberg started shifting their support towards Mac–when I have decided to switch back to PC recently.

Second–Hyperthreading not supported?

I am really confused. What Should I do now?


Please have a look at this knowledge base article regarding hyperthreading: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/hyper-threading/kb_back/2025.html?tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[keyword_search]=Hyper-Threading



Ok then…
Does that means hyperthreading will be suported in near future?

Is i7 2600k not favorable CPU for Cubase?

Hello Roko,

I do not know if it will be supported in the future.Even now most computer games don’t support it. I believe “Anno 1402” is one of vew games who supports it. Please notica that a computer game is something else then a realtime application like Cubase.



So which of the high-end of intel processor/motherboards are favorable for Cubase?
I was reading through steinberg website and the resource is pretty vague, they talk about computer parts but nothing concretely.

I am asking questions all over the place, wherever I can get answers.
No matter how long I research and read, there always gonna be something wrong with the system or configuration. No one has it perfect. Even the DAW builders can’t know all the details most of the time… :confused:
Will I loose significant performance without hyperthreading when using i7 2600k???

Hello Roko,

Keep in mind that speed is very important when you work allot with VSTI’s.

A 12 core CPU that runs at 2 Ghz is not faster then a 6 core that runs at 3 Ghz. Each plugin that you load in to Cubase will get spread over the cores. For example: on track one you insert a plugin --> will be processed by core 1. On track two your next plugin will be processed at core 2 etc.



I run an i5, I don’t use a bunch of vst interments, just basic effects, compressor, reverb etc and a little grove agent to fatten up live drums. I have had no problems of any kind with latency or anything else.

just my experience, :wink:

Hi Roko,

I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the latest and greatest. I run C6 and Halion 4 on an ‘old’ Q6600 machine, absolutely fine. The power of the current 2nd-gen Core CPUs is huge. A 2500 or 2600 (with HT switched off) will handle scores of tracks and FX. Either will make a great DAW.
Remember that the CPU is only part of a chain. Make sure you have some well-specced, fast RAM and a SSD HD for your OS will transform your DAW massively.

I would go for the 2600 myself, and if/when C6 or maybe C7 has HT threading enabled, you then have the hardware at your disposal.