CPU intensive plugins are very slow to respond

Hi. For a while I’m having issues with plugins using a a lot of CPU in Wavelab. My system is nowhere near max (around 50% at most). These plugins are just using significantly more power than others. Typing in a parameters often misses keyboard key presses. If I hover the mouse and change a dial and then move to another dial then adjusting moves the dial I was previously at. Quite often I can find plugins with random settings where I’ve been inadvertently adjusting things without knowing. Clicking a button often does nothing and involves 2-3 clicks. All VERY frustrating. Happens during playback and when idle. Plugin examples are DMG Equilibrium, TDR Kotelnikov GE (insane mode), Fabfilter Pro L (4x oversampling), StandardClip (in x8 to x32 mode). Anything not using a lot of juice or isn’t operating in an oversampling mode seems to work fine. I’m not getting these issues in any other DAW. I can load up exactly the same chain in Studio One and every plugin is very snappy. I’m on Mac/Yosemite/WL v8.5.3.

Some of this problem is just the plugin itself. I have DMG Equilibrium also - it’s true that it is slow in Wavelab… but it is also super slow in Cubase. I’m not sure about the other plugins you mentioned, but I’m guessing they would probably be slow in both programs as well.

I’ve not tried in Cubase but I’ve loaded up the same chain of plugins in Studio One and Pro Tools with no issues at all. Everything is snappy and performs well. The issue is common with any plugin that is using a fair amount of CPU. When mastering its not uncommon that I’ll want to use Equilibrium, Kotelnikov and Fabfilter L for EQ, compression and limiting. But the sluggish and frustrating behaviour is proving unusable. I’ve contacted a few of the plugin manufacturers and they claim there are no issues and can only put it down to Wavelab.

Hmmm … Maybe a mac thing? We run WL on Windoze 7 Professional, but have macs running 10.10. I have noticed more than a few unexpected things with Yosemite … even basic apps like Office for Mac.

It might be a Wavelab for Mac thing but it’s not a general Mac thing. Like I say - the same high CPU plugin chains run absolutely fine in Studio One and Pro Tools. My Mac is no slouch and it’s not being stretched.

See my other posts about my problems with FAB Filter Plugins and WL.

Do you have a choice between VST2 and 3 (as we do on Windows)? If so, have you tried “the other”? FWIW: I only use the VST2 versions of the DMG plugins, and have not had any problems (and I use them in every project, at least two instances of Dualism + almost always QEuilibrium and Compassion).


Yes, I’ve tried both variations where I have a choice from the plugin manufacturer. I can only use the the VST2 versions of DMG Equlibrium otherwise it doesn’t render properly. I can only use the VST2 version of Fabfilter L and the VST3 version of Fabfilter MB!