CPU issues in Cubase 10.5 SOLVED

****I hope that someone might be able to give some advice. I have a reasonably powerful music computer as you can see in my signature. However I did have a 250 gig SSD and I was running out of space, It was A Samsung SSD 850 EVO I replaced it with a Samsung 860 EVO and inserted another of the same make for my music drive. I now have an issue that has started over the past few days where first of all the Total Mix on my RME Fireface UC disappeared and after I replaced the driver I have been having issues with the Audio Performance average load which suddenly goes into the red and the sound is cut. Cubase 10.5 does not actually crash but it is impossible to get the sound back. I shut Cubase down and reboot and the project starts normally, but then suddenly the same thing happens again.

I am not sure whether it could be the fault of the hard drives, the soundcard or Cubase. I have to say that Cubase had been working fine with the hard drives for a month or so. The only other variables were the upgrade to C10.5 and the issues with the RME Fireface UC driver. Any ideas would be extremely welcome.

I might add that in installing the new hard drive Windows 10 was installed. Is there anything music sensitive in Windows 10 that needs to be changed?

There have been CPU spike issues with 10.0.5 and 10.5.0 for me. I have had to turn on Asio Gaurd to make my machine usable. No such problems exist when I load 9.5 on my machine. Can you install Cubase 9.5 and see how your machine is?

The problem for me is that I was running C9-5 on Windows 8.1. Windows 10 have changed the game as did upgrading to 10.5. I will try 9.5 and see where we are.

Now here is something very peculiar. I usually use two group tracks to handle parallel compression for the drums. My drum program is BFD3 and I use multiple outputs for each set of kit parts that are then sent from the inserts to one group track with a compressor and from the routing at the top of the mixer each part is sent to the other group track without the compressor so I can balance the tracks against each other for the best balance of compression. When I deleted these tow group tracks my average load on the Audio Performance meter halved.

Who would have thought that routing for group tracks should contribute so much to the CPU load! Especially considering that the only plugin in question was a UAD Empirical Labs Distressor and that load would happen even with it turned off. Having taken the Distressor out at first the load was about a third, but after a few seconds of playing the load went back up to two thirds. Interesting.

So my question now is why the group tracks can consume so much CPU?

I have just discovered that I had forgotten that I had inserted an instance of Plugins Alliance’s Black Box on the non compressed channel. I took that out and the CPU reading dropped back to normal. I didn’t look at that channel because I thought nothing was on it. When I had deleted that channel I was surprised to see the change in CPU that I looed. I had made that templat a while ago and I use it on most projects. It just goes to show how things can slip by you.

Are you saying that Plugin Alliance Black box causeed your CPU overload issues alone?

Yes, in that particular instance. However when I removed it Cubase performed as normal. When I reinserted Black Box it did not happen again. Go figure!

Hello everyone, some issue is coming that I’m able to work on heavy project in cubase but issue that’s coming is whenever i insert the Black Box plugin by Plugin Alliance is shows that Audio performance meter is overloaded,infact if there is not any single plugin in the session and only one plugin which i mentioned above is which i insert, I don’t know what’s the issue can anyone help me:)
My system specs
i5 10 th generation 3.6ghz
8 gb ram
512 ssd