CPU Issues

I noticed that N6 is a lot more CPU intensive than 5.5 and below. Same projects now pop and crackle like crazy. I also noticed that for some reason in N6, the perceived latency is higher than N5.5 and below (i.e. at the same buffer level there seems to be more latency).

I am using 64bit N6 and before I was using 32 bit. Would that make a difference?

Has anyone else experienced this? Any way to improve it?


I can answer one question. I installed 32 bit and it is MUCH less CPU intensive than 64 bit, for some reason. Not sure why!?!

I have also been getting cpu overload related crackles in N6 that were not there in N5.5. This is using 64 bit in both. It appears to me to be a N6 issue not a 64 bit issue for me.

I am downloading 6.03 and hope it will fix this problem.


When I tried ASIO Guard before it slowed down th GUI. It took longer to scroll and response was generally slow so I didn’t use it. But I got crackles without it. Now with 6.03 it still seems to be the only way to get rid of the crackles but the response is good with ASIO Guard. So it appears to be fixed if you use ASIO Guard. Lots of other improvements. I’ve only tried one project but thank you Steinberg!