"CPU leak" in Cubase7?

Hi guys,

I have a pretty old CPU that I can drive to the edge fairly easyily. Now, I have the feeling with C7 it happens very quickly that the ASIO hits overload for no reason. Sometimes, it is really absurd, I only have a few plugins open. Reverb plugins give me a bad time often, e.g. Roomworks or TrueVerb. ASIO load seems to build itself up to 100% during playback for no real reason. If I close the project and open it again, ASIO load is only 50%.

Does anyone experience this type of behaviour? Feels like a “CPU leak”. CPU is hogged with something that is not necessary.

CPU leak? is that where all the 1’s and 0’s come out?

System specs, soundcard make and model, etc?

Yeah :wink: I called it CPU leak because it feels like it. Analogy to memory leak. Memory is blocked by abandoned content. Thats what I just made up might happen with the CPU, it is calculating stuff (reverb tail etc.) that is not needed by the plugin anymore. Whatever, just my imagination :wink:

I run Win7 Home Premium 64 bit, AMD quadcore, MAudio FastTrackUltra8R

Have you got your old pref file from older version of cubase still set in your appdata folder? If you have that is your problem. You need to totally delete or at least move the file to your desktop DELETE C7 pref folder then load C7 up again it will find everything from new and you will not have the over load problem.

thanks for the hint. I did that yesterday. Lets see how it goes :slight_smile:


You’ve explained the problem to a “T!”

This is a known issue that many are experiencing, including myself (just breeze through the forum). It’s been since C7 and still exist in C7.0.3…

Some have found workarounds that help it but not fix it. Hopefully, it will be fixed in 7.0.4 update, next month…