CPU load In Cubase 12?

I’m. Gonna download the demo next week , but just wonder how people found the overall cpu load with Halion 7 in Cubase 12 . I am new to Cubase , I use 500 tracks on Kontakt and that’s ok

Fine here. No distinguishable changes from 6 as far as I can tell. Can’t comment on 500 tracks though as I only ever use a maximum of less than ten percent of what you use.

Not looking good for HALion 7 so far , Kontakt 7 I can load 480 tracks and playa chord , after that Cubase glitches .

HALIon 7 is around 380 track max .

tested with a very simple sample patch same in each player .

This could all be linked to 64bit …

running Cubase 12 on my Mac M2 is 32bit mode get me up to 970 tracks , more than double 64bit mode .

I tested HALion 7 and kontak 7 . see CPU load below