CPU load Issue with 13.0.41?

Just updated to 13.0.41 (from.40) and the processing load is bouncing up and down and hitting peak regularly, dropping audio. Not a big project… I haven’t had that problem in a long time.
Anyone notice anything?


I downloaded the 13.0.41 update the same day it was released. Opened it and it won’t load and it goes blank. Re-booted it twice, the same issue. Re-installed from my Download assistant. Re-opened the application and it did the same thing, it won’t come up. Re-booted my Laptop again and it’s the same result. Reverted back to the version 13.0.40, and it worked fine, everything went back to normal. Anybody has any issue(s) with the new update?


How do you revert back to .40?

Download the Cubase 13 Pro 13.0.40 update if you don’t have it on your Hard Drive. It should be in your Download folder if you had it before. Or use the Download assistant to download the 13.0.40 update and re-install it from there. It should write over the files of the 13.0.41 and then re-boot. You should be back in business after that.

after the last update I also have problems with CPU saturation on projects that I was working on before the update without problems, consider that I have a system that can run more than 100 acustica audio di vecchia generazione

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Oh… I didn’t think of that. Thanks.

Steinberg… I don’t have the Cubase Pro 13.0.40 install files. This CPU load issue is really an issue for me. How can I get .40 back?

No playback happening… Just sitting here watching the Audio Processing go bonkers…

During playback it’s a whole lot worse.

Hm. My ASIO Guard is slightly higher than yours, my Real Time is maybe 5%, and my Peak is pulsing on playback but never over 7%. This is using 13.0.41.

I find it strange that .40 fixes the issue you guys are having. Are you both on Laptops with external SSDs maybe? I’m on a Desktop with internal SSDs. I hope Steinberg responds to this but I also think you both should create a Steinberg Ticket.

I’m not sure if .40 ‘fixes’ it. I just didn’t have this issue with .40. I’d like to see…

I pulled up the Task Manager and watched that along with the Audio Performance meter. There are some other things that run, like Windows AntiMalware - which you can’t shut off. But nothing takes much CPU. Less than 1% added CPU use shouldn’t destroy the audio performance like that.

Well… I also found that Windows won’t allow me to set its audio config to ‘High Performance’. It will only do ‘Balanced’. It might be a contributing factor.
I have the Home edition… they much want more $$$ so they disallow important things.
I’ll need to upgrade.

Hi! Have you tried changing the “Power Plan” in the Control Panel? Adjusting the power-saving settings might solve your problem. Please note that the names of each item might differ as my PC’s OS language is different.

  1. Open the “Control Panel”.
  2. Click on “Power Options”.
  3. Go to “Change plan settings” and then “Change advanced power settings”.

Make the following changes:

  1. “Processor”
    Change the minimum processor state to 100%.
  2. “PCI Express”
    Turn off Link State Power Management.
  3. “USB settings”
    Disable USB selective suspend setting (if your audio interface is USB type).

In the past, I faced similar issues with an older version, and changing the power-saving settings stabilized the peak meter. I encountered the same issue with version 13.0.41, so I reviewed the power-saving settings again, and now the issue is mitigated.

If this does not solve the issue, try disabling Intel(R) SpeedStep™ technology in the BIOS.
Alternatively, try disabling the “C-State” in the BIOS.

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Hi, for this problem I found out that from the Cubase Pro 13 version onwards, during installations the executive could activate the following by default: Activate the Steinberg audio power scheme, this may depend on your computer’s hardware configuration and operating system, it should remove the check mark like I did in the photo and you will be back to having the Windows power settings enabled again

Well that worked!! The minimum processor state was set to 5%…
Windows has so much setup stuff… it’s a wonder anyone can use it.

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Thanks for your input. batshot’s info solved it.

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If the issue occurs again while using the system, remember to disable “C-State” in the BIOS. Enjoy your wonderful DTM life!