Cpu load on plugins

When I load a vsti or plugin it uses about 10% of the CPU. What can I do? The buffer is set at 2000(50ms) max

Cubase 6 32 bit
Windows 7 32bit
AMD 3.6ghz 8 core 16gb ram

Does it happen regardless of what plugin you choose?

why 16GB ram on W7 32???

I tried My waves and they work but not IK multimedia SVX and arturia plugins

Had Windows 7 64 bit installed but nothing was working

What soundcard & driver?

My tip is: Steinberg CI2

:smiley: Ahh…yes. Sorry missed it!

There should not be many plugs capable of taking 10% of a 3.6 cpu…sounds like something is wrong.
Have you checked recommended tweaks for Audio.
Have you checked in task manager to see this cpu use or is this the asio meter in Cubase?

Re Windows 7 versions…I’m not sure about Arturia but plenty of people are using waves on W7 x64…either in Cubase 32bit or via Jbridge.
EDIT…Duh…my comprehension is poor tonight. I see now you say Waves DID work but not SVX or Arturia.

FYI…my Arturia plug-ins work with Windows 7 (home version) and in 64 bit.