CPU Load?

I was interested to read about the reduced CPU load of N7 compared to N6.5 so ran a little test.

I opened both versions N6.5 and N7-Trial at the same time and loaded the same project into both versions. I also made sure that all Preferences and Device settings were the same. Then with both versions idling (not running the projects) I opened the VST Performance meters on both systems. The N7 meter shows a slightly greater Average Load and Real-time Peak than N.6.5 ! This seems strange given the comments on the forum.

Any idea what could be causing this on my system?

Have you disabled/enabled Asio Guard?

Yes. It is on in N6.5 and set to Normal in N7. Both versions display the same latency.

I’ve found that when I’m having processor issues, un checking and checking my audio choices (ASIO guard, the Steinberg processor scheme and multi processing) or just going back and forth can bring the CPU load back to what it should be.

This isn’t an optimal way to work, I realize, but hopefully there will be an update soon that addresses this issue which, it seems, many users are having.