CPU Meter

Soooooooooooo, any chance of a cpu meter in this beast. I seem to be getting a lot of glitches and it would be handy to (a) have a better idea which plugins are causing it and (b) know when I’m pushing the limits of my lowly iPad 7.

Hi ailerom,

Already included, please have a look at the last tab in the inspector to the left which is titled “System Info”.


Thanks Lars

Hi ailerom,

You‘re welcome… :slight_smile:

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Hi Lars,

In Cubasis 2 we had CPU meter only. In Cubasis 3 we have CPU and DSP. I know what the abbreviations stand for, but what do these mean for users in practice?
In cubasis 2 I know if the CPU meter closes or hits the 100% it’s not good. In Cubasis 3 it’s not clear for me

Thanks in advance!

Hi GLacey,

In the future, please give our in-app help a try, which holds information like these… :slight_smile:

Shows the total CPU usage of all of the device’s CPU cores in real-time, used by all apps and the operating system.

Shows the time consumption of the audio rendering process in real-time. If rendering takes longer than the buffer duration (which is determined by the latency in the setup), audible glitches occur. Factors that negatively impact the CPU requirements are the number of simultaneous notes and events, higher polyphony, lower latency, effects, and other apps running in the background.


Thanks for the prompt reply! And you are right, it’s in the help indeed. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it earlier… I feel a bit clumsy and embarassed now :slight_smile:

No worries & stay safe…

Is there any way to reset dsp from app with a panic button? Sometimes Cubasis (when stopping from playing) starts glitches, and the only solution is killing the app.

Hi ecstaticax,

This should not be the case.
Did you check the seperate CPU meter options, to find out if the CPU is already maxed out, due to the number of 3rd party apps used in the proejct?
If so, please choose higher latency values, use Track Freeze or unload a few of these apps.

Cubasis LE 3 comes with a MIDI panic button, located in the Inspector Routing tab of MIDI tracks.


I Lars I have Cubasis 3, not le. CPU is very low, 5% max. DSP goes full. It’s very frustrating.

Hi Gianluca,

What 3rd party apps are included in your project?
Please note that this factor can easily max out every DAW very quickly.