CPU # of Cores vs. Clock speed

Hi. I’m in a process of building a PC which I will be doing 90% works on Cubase 9.5 and 10% gaming.
I heard that # of cores vs. clock speed can vary depending on DAWs, so I’m wondering which one is more significant for smooth workflow.
I mainly produce beats, that consists a lot of so-called ‘cpu heavy’ synths like Diva, Serum, Omnisphere and etc… I was thinking of newly announced I9-9900k or other I9 X-series.

Simple answer.
More clock speed, better low latency performance (vst instruments)
More cores, more tracks.

The new i9’s are higher clocked and should in theory be better for daw use.
But I would wait a little until there are daw benchmarks up.
They have done away with hyper threading in the new i7 line, if this is a marketing thing or there really could be a memory timing issue, (as some suspect) time will tell.
So a little early, no one knows yet how that all translates to daw performance in the new i9’s.

If all is going well I’m going to build a 9900k based Maschine myself, although the pricing looks to be a little steep