CPU Optimization for futur Cubase

Hi there,

Let me start by saying Cubase is a great DAW , and all i’m going to say is just for the sack of improving it to become even better :slight_smile:

I think Cubase strongly lacks some optimizations regarding the processing of real time VST effects.

For example, lets take a 100 midi tracks template, all loaded with different instances of Kontakt, Halion, etc…
Different reverbs bus , various amp , EQ, compressor loaded on audio channels.
Lets solo a particular midi track and do a export to audio. What happens ? It takes as much time ( roughly) to bounce this one midi track than bouncing the whole track.
So whats happening ? Simply, even if you solo a midi track and decide to only export the audio coming from this track, Cubase seems to process/render all the other midi tracks and audio channels, which in that case , is useless.

Another test would be to load 40 instances of kontakt , all loaded with samples. What happens ? the CPU asio meter goes really high, while doing and playing nothing.
In a ideal world, if you’re only using 1 instance out of the 40 , CPU should be as low as if there were only 1 kontakt instantiated.

In apple logic pro ( which I hate) , when you bounce one midi track in a big template, it bounces really fast!!! Thanks to his way of processing only the midi track needed and not the other tracks in the background.

Can we expect some improvements regarding this issue in future Cubase versions?